The Legacy of Gamma Phi Lambda


Gamma Phi Lambda strives to carry out the broad aims of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. in our local community. The Chapter's programs are designed to preserve the successes African-Americans have attained, and to continue to build on the spirit of leadership the Fraternity has demonstrated since 1906. None of these successes would have been possible, however, without the perserverance, tenacity, and committment of the Brothers in this chapter.

For example, in the nineteen-sixties, Gamma Phi Lambda was in the forefront of the civil-rights movement in the Oakland/Berkeley area. Leaders of the Black Panther Party were invited to one of the Chapter's monthly meetings to give the Brothers an outline on how Gamma Phi Lambda could assist them in their struggle for racial equality, and their quest to combat polic brutality.

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As part of the intense committment to the civil-rights movement, several chapter members met with Alpha Brother Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the home of Bro. and Mrs. William C. Burnett (below). At this historic meeting, Dr. King discussed his vision of the non-violent civil-rights struggle, and how the Chapter could become more involved with this nationwide movement.

Brother Martin Luther King, Jr. with Brother and Mrs. William C. Burnett

As the struggle for justice, equality, and human dignity continues Gamma Phi Lambda has strengthened its resolve to maintain a leadership role in African-Americans' fight for a level playing field. Through the chapter's focus on education and youth development programs, Gamma Phi Lambda has vested the future in the youth of the community.

For over twenty years the Chapter has awarded and adminstered scholarships and financial aid to many deserving young people in the community. Since 1976, the Chapter has provided financial aid and support to thousands of students to assist them in going to college.